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One thing you can do to make your throat feel better when you have the flu is suck on hard candy or lozenges to keep it moist. In addition to this, these products contain calories that your body can use when you are probably not eating much.
Another thing you can do is pamper your nose. If you have been blowing your nose a lot, it is probably sore. You can lubricate your nostrils frequently with Vicks or Vaseline. Another thing to do is to soak your feet in hot water. It may help you if you have a headache or stuffy nose. Also, a back rub may help activate the immune system to fight the flu.
It is also very comforting .
Something else is to eat lightly, but wisely. When you are ready to change from liquids to food, you might want to eat these foods: dry toast, bananas, applesauce,
cottage cheese, boiled rice, rice pudding, saltines, and any other light, simple foods. Also, drinking coke syrup or a simple can of soda can help with nausea. Something to do for tired, achy muscles is to warm them with a heating pad.
There aren't a lot of things to do for the flu, but any little

If you have fatigue, exercising can actually give you energy. Taking a brisk walk 3 to 5 times a week, for 20 to 30 minutes at a time should do it, but take walks no later than 2 hours before bedtime. Also, watching television will lull human beings into lethargy. Instead of watching T.V., try reading. It is more energizing and it gets you more motivated.
Another thing that you should do is not to oversleep. You will tend to be groggy all day. Usually, about 8 hours of sleep at night is enough for most people. Something that doctors advise you to do is eat a light lunch if you get fatigue a lot. For some people, this is probably the advice to go by: soup, salad, and a piece of fruit. It is light, and also a nutritious lunch. But if this is not enough for you, you should probably eat your largest meal of the day at lunch, followed by a 20 minute walk.
Another thing that can make you feel fatigued is if you live in a dark house. You should probably get out into the sunshine, and/or open windows and make your house brighter. Another thing that you can do is listen to music. You should listen to any kind of music that peps you up. You should also drink water whenever
you take a walk or whatever, so you don't get dehydrated, which eventually leads to fatigue.
So you should drink a lot of water. Something else you should do is only drink 1 or 2 cups of coffee in the morning to get you into gear. Don't drink too much coffee, or it may backfire. Caffeine makes you feel like you have more energy, but you really don't. Some things you can take is a shot of B12, and you should takes some vitamin

When you get a headache and decide to take an Aspirin, take it right away, when it first starts, otherwise, it may not work very good. If you have a slight headache, you may want to tr y
exercising. But if you have a severe
headache, don't exercise, because it will make the headache worse, especially if you have a migraine.
Something you can do is protect your eyes from any light, because it might lead to a headache. This includes : sun, fluorescent lighting, television, etc. They can start with squinting, eyestrain, and then a headache. Here are some things that you could avoid that trigger headaches : strong perfumes, a lot of caffeine, milk, chewing gum, high salt intakes, chocolate, nuts, and aged cheese.
Also, if you eat ice cream too fast, you probably will feel an intense rush of pain in your head. Eat ice cream slowly so that your palate will cool gradually instead of receiving a shock of cold.
Here is a few extra tricks to try :
1.Using your forefinger and thumb, apply pressure in a massaging motion to the bony ridges at the back of the neck.
2.You may want to try a cold compress on your forehead and/or neck.
3.Some people prefer hot showers by pointing the shower-head at the back of your neck.

Rinse your mouth out. When you can't brush, you can rinse. Go to a restroom after meals and get a mouth fool of water. Swish it around, and wash the smell of food out of your mouth. Spit the water out, of course. Also, eat three meals a day. Bad breath can be caused by not eating too. One of the side effects of fasting or a poor diet is bad breath.
You also should brush your tong.
Your tong is covered with little hair-like projections, which, under a microscope, looks like a little forest of mushrooms. Under the caps of the mushrooms, there is room to harbor plaque and some of the things we eat. That causes bad breath. While brushing, gently sweep the top of your tongue, too
Don't leave food and bacteria behind to breed bad breath. Spice is also nice. Certain herbs and spices you keep in your kitchen are natural breath enhances.
Carry a tiny plastic bag of cloves,
fennel, or anise seeds and chew it thoroughly. Don't forget, watch what you eat and drink, for the contents of your
stomach can cause bad breath too.

Something to do when you are depressed is to do something active. Don't just sit around the house moping or watching television, because it will make you more depressed. This remedy involves getting away from home. It really doesn't matter what you choose to do, as long as you stay active. Go for a walk, bike ride, visit a friend, exercise,
Also, talking or sharing your feeling with someone, like a friend, can really help. Find a friend that is caring and tell them what is on your mind. If talking your problem out leads to tears, let them flow. Crying is a great release, especially if you know what you are crying about.
Another thing is to do something really boring. This may help you snap out of the blues, because it will distract and take your attention away from your woes. For instance, clean your bathroom tiles with a toothbrush, or study the same leaf over and over again.
Something else to do is to close the refrigerator. Eating may help and make you feel good at the time, but it can add depressing inches to your waistline. If this is a problem, you might have to get out of the house for awhile to fight the urge to eat. If depression is a major problem for you, talk to your doctor about a Serotonin Uptake Inhibitor, like Prozac or Paxil. These medications can do wonders if your doctor says they are right for you.


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